Smart Band is a band, which lets you achieve unlimited benefits. It has injected RFID module (radio frequency identification), which permits reliable storage and transmission of information. Access to information via the RFID system is uniqly safe, secure and certain for your guests.

opaski na rękę z chipem

Examples of use:

  • non-cash transaction
  • access to hotel rooms and locks without a key
  • control and security access
  • preventing falsification
  • customer loyalty programs and VIP programs

There are four models of bands with RFID module from which you can choose one which will be the best for you.

Band Smart ® superband can work in standards: Tag-it HF-I, Mifare Ultralight, Mifare 1K and Mifare Mini.

Smart® Superband Standard Smart® Superband Custom Shape

Smart® Silicone bands work in: ICODE SLI, Tag-it Plus lub Mifare 1 K.

Smart® Silicone – Flat strap Smart® Silicone – Contoured strap