Football Tiddlywinks®

Football Tiddlywinks® – an interactive dexterity game and an original advertising tool, which has been created especially for the B2B sector.

Value for money of Football Tiddlywinks game:

• Due to it’s small size and weight, as well as the fact that is can be folded, this game can be an excellent mailing product or a gift, used in promotions of other products or services.

• Football Tiddlywinks is a popular game, which appeals to all and in it’s advertising form it will additionally make people recognize and identify the logo and brand name of the advertised company.

Proposed advertising space

1. A goalkeeper outfit and team clothes can be coloured according to the branding code of your company.

2. The backside of the goalpost, with dimensions of 210 x 130 mm, constitutes an ideal place where one can place specific information of the company’s products, logo, services, contact details as well as events for the coming year.

3. The game’s cover (front and back) with dimension of 210 x 148 mm, gives space to present specific information about the company’s products, logo, services and contact details.

4. Available on request – a wall with dimensions 210 x 33 mm which imitates the advertising banners that surround a real football pitch. An ideal place to put your advertisement on!