Silicone wristbands

Our wristbands are comfortable, waterproof, light and in 100% made of silicone. Bands can be multicoloured with any colours chosen from the Pantone Chart. A logo, slogan or a picture can be according to customer’s own design printed, embossed, stamped or stamped and filled with colour. It is also possible to put markings around the band or only on a half of it.

Standard sizes: 202×12 mm (adults) or 160×12 mm (children). Silicone wristbands Next to regular wristbands we can also offer bands with metal attachments, combined, glowing in the dark, with mosquito and tick repellent and UV radiation sensitive bands – perfect indicator of safe time in the sunlight. Key chains of any length and rings are also available to order. Silicone wristbands