Lapel pins are a perfect product for recognition of a company, sport club or an organisation. Variety of shapes, sizes and methods of production allows us to copy every logo in a way most suitable for the customer.
Pins from our offer are metal and colourless, cast from a mould, coated with one of available platings. Complicated logotypes are placed on pins by offset or screen printing. Pins stamped in iron or copper with soft enamel are very popular, as are highest quality pins of hard enamel. We also make pins with photo etched method, mostly used for making city crests.

PinsStamped with hard enamel

PinsStamped iron or copper with soft enamel

PinsPhoto etched

PinsScreen and offset printed

PinsStamped without colour

PinsDie cast from a mould

All of our pins are made according to individual designs and colours chosen from Pantone Chart. Pins can be covered with many platings in matt or shiny version; sandblasted or antique platings and even depending on the technique used, finished with epoxy.
Considering our individual approach to each order, the same logo can be made with different platings and colours. Series of pins are a very functional and elegant way of showing company’s inner structure and helping in identification of employees.
There are a few fastenings available. Besides the regular, butterfly clutch, other options include: safety pin, stick pin and a ‘moustache’. Big and heavy pins come with a screw.