Spirometer - a device for exercising the lungs

Spirometr - Front

Three-ball spirometer – a professional device for breathing exercises. It leads to a widening of the air sacs in your lungs and increases the flow of your airways.

Easy operation – effective training

The device measures three chambers on which the intervals show three different values – 600, 900 and 1200 cm³. The indicated volumes show the volume of air you breathe in per second.

A spirometer is commonly used to somehow prevent postoperative airway complications such as atelectasis, pneumonia, or pulmonary disorders. It is also used for the rehabilitation of patients with respiratory diseases and chronically bed rest. Repetition of exercises has an extremely positive effect on your body.

Adequate regularity will oxygenate your body, make it easier for you to cough up mucus, reduce the risk of re-infections and help you shorten your hospital stay.

Spirometr - Ustnik
Spirometr - Bok
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