Face Shields

Made in Poland

Standard Face Shield

Przyłbica - model zapinany na gumkę

Protective face shield made of transparent PET 0.35 plastic, resistant, and suitable for cleaning with disinfectant (wipe/disinfect with cosmetic pads). Universal size. The dimensions of the helmet when unfolded are 240mm / 240mm.

Reusable mask!


  • Increases safety in contact, reducing the risk of contact with viruses and bacteria.
  • Protects the mouth, eyes, and nose
  • It does not adhere to the face, does not obstruct breathing, and allows air to circulate freely around the face.
  • Fastening on a rubber band or Velcro, adjustable width.
  • Light and omfortable in use.
  • Can be disinfected with alkohol-based agent.
  • Also suitable for people with glasses.

WARNING! On PET material may appear scratches, which are naturaly formed during the production of the material. It does not lose its functionality.

Price list:

quantity price
10-49 pcs
2,35 €
50-99 pcs
2,00 €
100-199 pcs
1,65 €
200-499 pcs
1,35 €
>500 pcs
1,10 €

All prices netto, EXW Gdynia.

The price list for distributors and advertising agencies is available by email or phone.

Packing: 100 pcs./box, we can combine 3 boxes together for export.
Freight cost: 15-20 Euro/parcel with 300 pcs.
Production time: 250 pcs/1 day.

Face Shield LUX

Przyłbica LUX Face Shield LUX

The shield has a forehead sponge and a comfortable rubber band. Each one is foil-wrapped, which protects it from scratches in transport and provides a 100% guarantee that the helmet is new. Special material provides good visibility. Each piece is packed in a bag.

Price List

Quantity Price
2.475 €
2.45 €
2.425 €
2.325 €
2,225 €

WARNING! LUX Face Shield is special packed for protect it against scratches. Shield is foiled and each one is packed in polybag.

Mouth & Nose Shield

Półprzyłbica zdjęcie

The half-visor covers the mouth and nose. It allows you to read freely and perform detailed manual work.

Quantity Price
50 - 99
4.00 €
100 - 199
1.75 €
200 - 499
1.5 €
1.25 €