Antibacterial pen SIMPLE

Antibacterial pen with a nanosilver coating, made of ABS plastic, compliant with ISO 22196, the body covered with a nanosilver coating that prevents the growth of bacteria on the surface of the pen.

Długopis Antybakteryjny Simple ISO

How it’s working?
The silver ions in the pen’s coating work by disrupting the permeability of the antibacterial gas membrane (cellular respiration). After entering the cell, they change the enzyme system, inhibiting metabolism and energy production, and modifying the bacterial genetic material. As a result, the microorganism loses its ability to grow and reproduce.

Nanosilver destroys bacteria, fungi, viruses and protozoa. In addition, research shows that microorganisms are unlikely to develop any kind of resistance to these elements.

The pens are made of eco-friendly and durable ABS material. They do not pollute the environment.
the pen inhibits and prevents the growth of bacteria,
maintains 100% antibacterial properties throughout the product’s lifetime,
meets the requirements of ISO 22196: 2011,
guaranteed effectiveness, in line with the Japanese industrial standard JIS Z 2801, which measures antimicrobial activity.

Antibacterial pen SILVER PEN PREMIUM

The Silver Pen Premium pen has additional silver elements. These elements provide additional protection against bacteria. Thanks to them, the pen also acquires an elegant appearance and character.

Długopis Antybakteryjny

An antibacterial pen is a very good choice for administration, offices, stores where the pens are issued to customers for signatures.