A keychain referring to red warning tags, often used within the airport. It will work perfectly as a luggage tag to unfasten the lock, keychain, flash drive or access card. Also often used as a zipper, i.e. extending the zipper handle in jackets, or as an ornament hung to the side pocket of the jacket or backpack. It can also be used with ordinary belts attached to the belt loops, as survival and military equipment.

Keychain – a pendant for enthusiasts of aviation, police, army, military and many, many more.

  • textile pendant with any inscription or graphics
  • double-sided embroidery with the inscription “REMOVE BEFORE FLIGHT” or any other
  • the whole woven keychain, which allows you to make very small graphic elements
  • it has embroidered edges for a better look and better protection
  • attachment: metal ring for keys and other things
  • color: red, white, blue, black, yellow or any other PANTONE palette
  • material: textile material
    length: any (usually 13-15cm)
  • width: any (usually 2.5-3 cm)
Breloki tkane

Branding: embroidery or woven
all bascis colors or Pantone
standard 13-15cm x 2,5-3cm or indivdual
Min. order: 300 pcs.