Medals and badges

Medals and badges produced by our company can be either etched, stamped or cast, in any shape and size. Available platings include: silver, gold, copper, nickel, brass, antique coatings, matt or glossy. Due to us using various methods of production, we can copy every logo designed by the customer.

Our selection includes classic medals without enamel, coloured medals as well as unusual designs with pvc elements. Depending on the medals’ purpose ribbons in various colours (with or without printed logo) can be attached. They can have any length.
Medals and badges are packed in plastic bags or boxes (chosen from available models).

Branding: embossing /embossing with enamel / engraving / die casting / printing

Colour of branding: Pantone / CMYK – various type of coating

Form: customized

Type and colour of ribbon: standard / customized

Packaging: polybag / box

Delivery time: 3-5 weeks

MOQ: 10 pcs