SWIZZ Charger

High quality car charger with two USB ports: 1Amp and 2.1Amp. It cancharge iPhone and iPad (white socket), as well as other devices (black socket). It contains DC12V ~48V input and 2.1A DC5V output. Duringcharging, LED Circle lights up, which further draws recipients attention tothe log placed on the charger.

Charger contains CE, FCC and RoHS certificates.

High quality ABS material and stable electronics.



  • overprint
  • 3D sticker

Available colours:

  • white
  • black

Flashing ring:

  • orange
  • green
  • blue
  • red

Promotional price: 7,47 €/pcs

Net prices. Prices are valid for products available from stock while stocks last.

Available ring colour:

  • red – rectangle – 58 sztuk
  • blue – rectangle –  12 sztuk