Safety Child wristband

Every parent knows that the safety of their child is priceless. During the visits in the crowded places, our loved ones are in danger of getting lost. Our wristbands for kids are meant to prevent those kind of situations. Equipped with adjustable and skin-friendly clip, they will fit perfectly children of all ages. To personalize the band, all that is needed is to put the child’s crucial information, such as name, surname and patron’s contact number on it. Protect your children by making them cheerful with one of our wristbands, containing their favourite design, cartoon characters or completely individual project!

Wristbands made for children. Detachable clip enables multiple uses. Can have unrestricted overprint based on any project. Wristbands contain/have a spot for putting id/information using pencil.

Opaska na rekę niezgubka
Opaska na rekę niezgubka

Size: 190 x 22 mm.
Min. order: 1000 pcs.
Clip: black or 6 other colours below
Printing: frontiside – CMYK or/ and Pantone colours, backside – 1 colour

NOVELTY! Safety Child headbands with a UV sensor

Now you will also order a wristband with a clip that changes color when exposed to sunlight. The color of the clip will show you the degree of UV radiation