Security watch - Wristband in watch shape with a container for antibacterial gel

Opaska na rękę z pojemnikiem na żel antybakteryjny

Our “watch” made of light, non-allergenic silicone is flexible, waterproof, velvety to the touch and comfortable to wear, and above all, completely safe in contact with the skin.

Thanks to it, we have a simple and quick way to disinfect hands.

Before leaving home or office, we refill gel in the watch. To do this, just open the lid of the watch, pour the gel from the bottle to container and then close the lid. To squeeze out the right amount of gel, just press the lid, where on the side of the watch, from a small hole, You will get the right amount of gel, which You apply to Your hands.

The gel container can be refilled many times, You can use any antibacterial gel. The watch strap is adjustable, so everyone can easily adjust the bracelet to their wrist.

ATTENTION ! We sell a watch – wristband or a set of a wristband with a bottle of 100 ml of antibacterial gel (other volume bottle on request). We do not fill the watch because each user can refill the hand sanitizer on their own.

Security watch - opaska na rękę z pojemnikiem na żel + Żel antybakteryjny